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  • Garden club blooming - Malibu Times - September 30, 2009
    Malibu Garden Club is thriving. A thank you to The Malibu Times for publishing the front page article on March 5 which was picked up by the Los Angeles Times and resulted in a third page spread on March 30.

    We received contacts from across the city and some out of state sending in their check for membership and wishing us luck in revitalizing our club. We have been successful with many new members, younger members, high energy, fresh ideas and a whole new executive board with wild and crazy gardening plans. We will start our new year with our October 7 meeting, Point Dume Club, 7p.m. We hope even more will join us.

    Thank you, The Malibu Times, for hearing our plea. The 50-year-old club is alive and well, thanks to you.

    For information, contact Linda Androlia at 310.457.3860.

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